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Non-traditional college students
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This is the Livejournal Community for non-traditional college students.

What is a non-traditional college student?

A non-traditional college student usually means anyone who is not a single, childless/childfree person or someone who begins college 5+ years after finishing high school.

Some examples include teenaged parents, teenaged married couples, any who is 24 or older and has not yet received a 2 or 4 year degree.

I'm 18 and going away to school. Can I still join?

At this time, I will not prohibit anyone from joining. However, this community is geared towards older students/parent students. Please keep that in mind before posting.


· Examples of unacceptable posts: "off-topic" posts (including, but not limited to, the following: What you did over the weekend, shout-outs, introductions, how you boyfriend broke up with you), community promotions, etc.

· Please extend respect towards your fellow community members. This includes using the appropriate language for this forum. Posts using unacceptible language will be deleted.
Examples include using excessive foul language, racist/sexist/homophobic/classist remarks.

· Please use the lj-cut tag feature if you have a very long post. How to create lj-cut tags: FAQ #75.

· You must remove or edit your unrelated posts. How to edit/remove posts: FAQ #119
See above for examples of such posts.

· Please direct all community promotions to community_promo. You may contact a moderator or the community owner if you would like to be linked to the community's user info. These links will be rejected or deleted, depending on the content of the community.

· Do not disable comments or delete comment threads. If you do this, your post WILL be removed. If you feel that another member has said made an out of line comment to you, then send an email to all of the collegeover24 maintainers. Please provide a link to the comment so we can do something about it.

· Trolls will be banned.


Please read each community's rules before joining. We here at collegeover24 will not be responsible for your trolling, snarkiness or general shit stirring in the below communities.

· rutgers
· templeu
· aiph

Thanks in advance.


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