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Intro and question

Hello all,

New to the community and just thought I would introduce myself. I'm a 30 year old female and I'm thinking about returning to school, and I'm seriously considering a short-term information technology intensive in my current metro. However, this training center, Centriq Foss, does not qualify for Title IV funding. It's a good program, and yes I've checked it out, it's not one of those fly-by-night companies or anything. The problem is the only financial aid Centriq Foss themselves know of available for this program is either a private student loan through Sallie Mae (which I don't qualify for because of crappy credit; and I'm feeling out relatives for a cosigner but so far no go.) or the GI Bill (which I also don't qualify for, as I've never been in the military and have no intentions to). It's quite expensive, as much as 1 year's tuition at a private college ($17,995 - $23,995, depending upon the track chosen), plus living expenses during the program - because of its intensity they (and an acquaintance who went through the program herself years ago) do *not* recommend trying to work while you go through it.

SO my question to you all is, do you know of any alternative funding sources that would accept paying to this program, that I would qualify for? If it helps, my pertinent info: I'm caucasian, female, 30 years old, the first generation of my family to attend postsecondary schooling, and am of an earth-based religion.

Thanks in advance!

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