beanbclean (beanbclean) wrote in collegeover24,

Hey, new here

Hey, I'm beanbclean and I'm about to turn 30. I am married with one child and doing upgrading for nursing. Is this comm still kicking? If so, I'm glad to be a part of it, looking to connect with other people in my boat. No, I don't care about what 18 year olds are doing this weekend, lol.
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Also, any Canucks out there?
huh, well maybe there aren't that many of us left. I think yours might be the first post I've seen in this community since I joined. Any rate, welcome to the club.

Ok then, who says we can't revive it?
I'm in.
Yours is the first post I've seen here since I joined close to a year ago. I was actually surprised to see a post, honestly.

I'm 28, married (no kids) and hoping to escape my dead end job by getting a degree. I'm starting late, but better late than never, as the saying goes.

Good luck to you in your studies! :)
And to you!
Oh hey, nice to see signs of life in this community.

My partner and I have both left the workforce to return to school full time and get it done. I at 25 now and he at 28. It's more than a little bit of a challenge, but we're slogging through it.

Best of luck to you!
It is harder to go to school now than when I was younger. And I want it so much more now, it's weird!

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Yay, sounds great!
Kids and homework, is it possible? I have a helluva time trying to keep all my pencils in one place, let alone get any work done with my three year old.
lol. We also have a toddler. But I love the example that my husband is setting for him. Our child is growing up knowing that it is important to study and read and do your homework. How cool is that?